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The board is built up by Creating Categories, then assigning Groups to the Categories then adding entries to the group - i.e. You can only add an entry to an existing Category/Group (Library)

This board is setup to manage an Image Library and enables the user to upload images and record related information in a database

The only attributable information input by the user is a description of the image and the setting of a sort index, all other information is provided by the image : the reference is the file name and the database auto id in brackets, the properties are generated as the image is loaded to the disk and the created and updated dates are likewise maintained

It is possible to associate images to other images so you may have an initial scan that you want to support with enlargements or zoomed areas or simply associate other related images that were uploaded in another library

You can upload to existing libraries or create your own, it can be a specific topic or it can be your collection.. anything of interest goes.

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Note. This board is still relatively new and there are more features and formatting planned soon.. but should all work - if you find anything doesn't work or you have a general question please contact me (webmaster)

Neil :: 27-Jan-2012