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News Title Image eBay seller selling fakes as real
Thursday, April 28, 2022 by ngrover

 Author Neil Grover

I'd watch this seller shamelessly sell 3 or 4 of these before i decided to contact them - their reply was :

"Sorry I don't have any material to check the stamps for authenticity, of course I have a suspicion.
But no problem if someone has bought the stamps, he can always return it and I will pay back."

So after they know they are selling fakes (i'd told them) they have continued to list the same fake stamps, also 70% of his listings are fakes being sold not as described so they must know.

In a follow up asking why they continued to sell them their reply was :

"The stamps I offer are certainly not counterfeits or repros

I have told you that I have no serivized comparative material as far as the English stamps are concerned.
I mention that they are sold without certificate.
Didn't you promise that I won't sell them anymore, I still have a few of them and I'll sell them.
And if the buyer is not satisfied, he can return the stamps.
This discussion is closed for me."

 Seller is trading on eBay as syger1948 - they are likley trading on other sites.

Below is his list of recent sells and and enlarged scan showing clearly this is a 'printed' copy - the image is blurry to decieve the unwitting but good enough to see.


The enlarged image ..

Buyers beware !!

If you have bought this item from this seller send it back for a refund !!