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News Title Image eBay - Suspect Melita Overprints
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Sunday, November 10, 2019 by ngrover

Noticed on eBay this month.

First is a 3d POSTAGE inverted, i don't believe the overprint exists placed this far to the right of the stamp, typically the stamp is centered to the left in the perforations and overprint relatively central to the design.

Offered auction start at £39.99 - no bidders.


The second and third were offered by the same seller and consisted of an inverted overprinted on 1d Violet and Farthing with overprint double.

An obvious and clear forgery, offered auction at £29.99 with one bidder.

Again, to me, an obvious forgery (of both over prints), offered auction at £19.99 and sold again to same single bidder.