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Thursday, January 25, 2024 by Neil Grover


Proof block of 6 Halfpenny Yellows

 As much as the sellers that list the material are ultimately to blame i just can't believe how buyers are fooled by some of the listings, this listing has a terrible image quality which immediately would have buyers request a better quality image? .. of course knowledgeable collectors of Malta would know no such proof block has ever been recorded and if genuine would be worth many 1000s £.. but that can't be held against every potential buyer not familiar.

What's alarming is with two days to go 4 people have bid on this item and currently 2 are prepared to pay £80+



I contacted the seller who replied quite quicly to say they came from a collectors book of plate proofs, i requested a better quality image but replied he is currently in France and won't be back for a couple of days (after listing ends) and would send me one.. probably as much chance of that than this being a genuine proof block.

Well seller did actually reply and sent more scans :


The images are no better, the seller confirmed this was from a scanner, that he uses on his other listings (these are detailed and clear)

I explianed i believe this to have been produced from a low resolution printer, hence the pixelation, his final response was :


"thanks for your well informed comments.


That's the best image I can get on my scanner of this item using the same for all my items.
It's too late for me to amend my item so I have to live with the consequences.
If somebody has forged it they have gone to some trouble doing it ?"

The item is currently at £206 with 3 hours to go.

Finally sold for £270 + P&P