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News Title Image eBay buyers beware.. Update!
Wednesday, June 26, 2024 by Neil Grover

The below group of 4 'stamps' just sold for £80+

The image associated to this/these listings could easily be mistaken as genuine stamps ..

I know these are reproductions because they are listed esle where by another seller clearly marked as such, the below item with the same set of stamps clearly marked :

When i contacted the seller about his listings his reply was he states they are reproduction and sent below, which to be fair it does say (without the red highlight circle) but its rather hidden and not obvious.

The result of this rather subtle acknowledge meant can be see below, the items being clearly listed by scottvisnjic @.50p each and subtle listing of the other seller @ £20 each


Undetered the seller has already started another 'subtle' listing :


Update June 2024..

The seller continues to sell (Est. has made nearly £1000 in this trade and pushed many forgeries into the market place) although the decreasing selling price suggests a dwindling market place..

- see below the repercussions are starting with unwhitting buyers re selling the items!!

The repercussions with items now reselling

I contacted below seller who confirmed purchases from yhstamps, said he missed the subtle disclaimer and thought he was buying genuine, he took his posts down.