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Update: May-2018

Last update was April 2010 so a lot has changed..
In terms of planned functionality I think the main framework for content is pretty much in place, i'd like to have a proper auction style feature page, properly integrate paypal payments and the rest is just extending and enhancing what is already in place.
Continued leaps in internet speed, hosting fees etc mean everything is getting more portable to online (cloud) collabrative working.. the real problems are getting the collabrative working !.. of course being able to support things like bigger pdf files means most people tend to just create bigger files and still push boundaries !


The main consideration is still to develop a clean uncluttered site free from flashing gizmos or jumping/scrolling text, where hopefully the content will be interesting enough to hold the visitors attention and present and a good user experience.


Browsers : well.. the site should work on most browsers but is primarily tested on Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0, Microsoft Edge and Google so if your having problems using other browsers firstly try one of these, secondly please report the issues your having and i will try and resolve
Resolution : With the standard size of monitors now being 20" and screen capabilities vastly improved i design the site using a 1920x1080 resolution but a minimum of 1024x768 is recommended and should be fine
JavaScript : Should be Enabled
Session Cookies : Should be Enabled

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Not much changed here, you will need the following software to be able to read/download some of the articles on this site.
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